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Magicreations – Productions – Presents Color Changing Sharpie. A fun and exciting trick that will give you and your audiences a Magically Memorable good time! Not only is this trick fun to watch, it is fun to perform as well!

EFFECT: The performer shows red Sharpie, and the next moment it INSTANTLY and VISUALLY into a blue Sharpie! Next the performer remarks that it is a permanent marker, but the ink on the outside of the pen is made with that disappearing ink. With a wave of his hand, he then causes the writing on the outside of the pen to also INSTANTLY and VISUALLY vanish right off both sides of the pen! The spectators will have to do a double take after being hit with this double whammy!

Important Note: Color of Sharpies subject to change.

Qualifying Purchases defined as purchase of other physical products. Some exclusions may apply relative to if other discounts and/or coupons are made for the order.

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