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James and Travis Higgs are two performers we at Stevens Magic are happy to endorse and predict you will hear much more about…  Both have endured a strict orthodox indoctrination of intense scrutiny over the course of this one-year they followed an unforgivable study and internship which prohibited access to any multi-media and demanded such knowledge be obtained from printed books both by way of technique with a heavy emphasis on magic history.

Color Concentration is a highly baffling, visually entertaining card effect perfect to show to multiple people in virtually any close-up setting, such as bar magic, close-up magic, table-hopping or corporate settings. For a an effect to be memorable it simply has to be strong but color concentration goes beyond the bare-bones requirement – substantially by providing a sequence of mind-blowing visual magic that builds until it culminates into an incredible uncanny finale where the backs of all cards used end up different colored and can be inspected.

Effect: The magician asked a spectator to engage in a memory test as he fans out four cards all face-up, each card is unique. The magician asks the spectator to memorize the four unique cards because one of them is going to magically, with no turning the card over, end up face down in the previously all face up four-cards.

Sure-enough the magician fans the cards out again and one of the four cards that were just a few seconds before all face-up, are now face down and all that can be seen is the blue back. The spectator asks if they can remember the cards that is not showing. Whether they do or not, doesn’t matter, because the magician is going to make this feat happen again, and sure enough without turning over any of the cards spreads them out again and a different card is now face down, with the same blue back.

Next the magician restores the cards such they are all face-up again, just as they were where he started the effect, but asked the spectator or spectators if they remember what the color of the backs where on the two cards that magically ended up face-down.

The spectator replies naturally “blue” as they have seen the blue back TWICE on two different cards. Here is where this effect goes from memorable to unbelievable. The magician performer his memorable finale when he shows each of the four cards in fact all have a different colored backs (none of which is the standard blue or red commonly seen in Bicycle brand cards) but instead discards a Pink, Aqua Blue, Green and Gold backed Bicycle brand.

  • Exceptionally powerful entertainment you can carry in your pocket!
  • You will be able to slay audiences minds consistently once you learn this miracle.
  • Comes with all needed to perform the effect as well as a video tutorial.


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