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Save $100 – Only ONE available! First Come – First Served.

Stevens Magic Certified Estate Piece! Meaning it’s as close to new as you can imagine. In this case we can say it with confidence because it was never used! Comes “WITH” PMR Standard Receiver. This is the complete unit at a great savings.

Color Match is a new, state-of-the-art system that utilizes Promystic’s MagTag technology. The system can be used right out of the box to achieve amazing results utilizing the provided color markers. Or, you can remove the mini MagTags to customize a system of your own.

Color Match - Pro Mystic

In developing this new technology, ease of use and power conservation was the highest priority. Simply drop the five markers into the provided pen cup or 3-pen walk around holder and you are ready to go. Designed for the professional performer, it could not get simpler. Super fast reset and easy to travel, no battery concerns or need to turn anything on or off for several months, no matter how much you use them.

Color Match comes with the five markers, gimmicks, pen cup with magnet, and a flat vinyl 3-pen holder that can be used in table work and close-up. The tags can be removed and used with other suitable markers (excluding Sharpie and dry erase markers), and the ones provided are easily replaced for a few dollars. Gaffed replacements can be purchased here on our website as well.

If you decide to use MagTag for your own use, you will find the system super easy to use and compact. Possibilities include object tests, knowing when a box is opened, or the movement of bags for psychometry.



  • 6 pens, 1 is black
  • 5 MagTags
  • Pen cup with magnet
  • 3 pen walk around holder
  • Instructional video link
  • No visual cues
  • Use it anywhere, anytime
  • No assistants
  • Just clean mentalism
  • Comes with PMR Standard Receiver.
  • DVD instructional

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