Color Prediction Vase – Conradi – Estate


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Bill Trotter Magic

Trotter StampCertified by SME curator Bill Trotter.  Keith Bogart Collection

I was very surprised in my searches of how little was available not just for this item, but Conradi in general.  Here’s a little info from MagicPedia website: Friedrich W. Conradi (1870-1944), also known as Conradi-Horster, was a magician, author, magic dealer and builder. He was the publisher of Der Zauberspiegel and his house organ “The Magic Mirror”. Beginning in the 1890s, Conradi began building magic props first in Dresden, then moved to Nuremberg and finally Berlin. His business was carried on after his death by Gertrud Horster.  (Source – Genii MagicPedia).

When I searched for Color Predictino Vase – Conradi – I got nothing!  That’s not usual…   So, I asked Bill Trotter to verify it for me – which he did.

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