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From Vinny Sagoo. A trick fit for Royalty! EFFECT: You show a small wallet with a prediction, which you place face down on the table. You also show a packet of cards with blue backs, telling the spectator that they are the four Kings. Ask them to name either the red or the black Kings? Imagine that they select the black Kings. You say that you had predicted in advance that they would select the black Kings and proceed to fan the packet of cards to show that the two black Kings are FACE UP. The spectator is then asked to name any one of the black Kings? The Kings of Clubs is selected and when it is turned over, it has a GREEN back, different from the rest. However, when your prediction is turned over, it has the word GREEN written on it. You then show the other black King to have a YELLOW back.

For the finale, the spectator is probably wondering about the red Kings. Well, when you turn those over, they have the words DIFFERENT COLOURS written on them.

  • Easy To Do
  • No Sleights
  • No Sticky Stuff
  • No Rough & Smooth
  • Made with USPCC Cards;
  • Full Video & Written Instructions.


“It wrings a lot of action from the simplest of procedures. It is well explained, inexpensive, and the cards are nicely designed and produced.”Bob Gill (MagicSeen Magazine)

“Colorful Kings is the perfect all around packet trick. Wonderfully simple plot to follow, great for all ages with a nice kicker at the end. Love it!”Magic Orthodoxy

“I have bought several tricks from Neo Magic and everyone has been amazing. Recently got Colourful Kings this is a simple and very clever packet trick. I tried it out on my family who see all the tricks I buy and this amazed them and I have been trying this effect out on my friends and it fooled them. You will love the simplicity of this trick and no matter what level you are you can use and will love how well this works.”Mark Davies

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