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Magician is frustrated, trying to get two linked rings apart. In desperation, he brings out a saw…. and saws or cuts through a ring, but he’s no farther ahead because now he not only hasn’t gotten the rings apart, but the saw is now linked to the rings!

Finally, he gets the saw loose and continues on with his routine. Comedy Magic at its best! A favorite of Pete’s for many years. I remember years ago when he showed me the only one he had and then showed me the routine.

It Killed! One of the staples of Pete’s act has been the linking rings. At least 30 years ago, a small hacksaw was marketed in England, but they are no longer made. And the persons involved, long ago left the game. Previous models sold for $145, worth it to some but still high priced. Pete was able to put a couple prototypes together and showed them to some friends, and after doing so came up with a sizzling new method for this, which is included.

The product is easy to use, can be performed easily close-up and will work with just about any size rings from the popular 5-inch Ninja size, up to about a 10-inch ring. I have not tried it with larger rings, but would think it would work just as well.

In addition to the unique prop and written instructions, you will also receive a DVD showing some basic handling.


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