Comedy Magic, Volume 35 GMVL (DVD)


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Enjoy 105 minutes of magic and mirth. We’ve dared to bring you three popular performers on the cutting edge of comedy magic. They’ll amaze, amuse, and share insight on how to be a success in the field.

Part I – Performance Segment Fielding West , Michael Finney, and Mark Kornhauser treat you to their puns, prestidigitation, satire, and sleight of hand.

Part II – Teach-In Segment Fielding West – Sleight of Tongue (Card in Mouth), Coloring Book, Self Inflating Balloon. Michael Finney – 6 Card Repeat with Glitter, Silk thru Card, and the Pickpocket Watch Steal. Mark Kornhauser – Lightning fast Plastic Bag Escape.

Part III – Interview Learn the do’s and don’ts of comedy magic: How much money you can ear, where you can perform, the tools of the trade, and much more.

Part IV – More Finney Bones Michael’s Extemporaneous Entertainment. GMVL – Greater Magic Video Library

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