Complete Course In Pick Pocketing by Pierre Jacques – Book – 1983 – Heldman Estate


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5 Foreword to the English Edition (Ricki Dunn)
7 Preface (Jean Garance, President, Magicians Club of Geneva)
11 Foreword

13 Principles of Pickpocketing
15 Items of Interest: Watches, wallets, cigarettes, handkerchiefs, glasses, etc.
16 Watches: Five methods given covering both expansion metal and buckled bands.
27 Inside Jacket Pockets: Four methods given.
33 Pants Pockets: Three methods, covering back pockets, “…pants pockets contain little or nothing. After all, why waste time stealing from pockets that have nothing?”
37 Outside Jacket Pockets
39 Neckties: Two methods.
49 Bow Ties
51 Tie Pins: Basically “avoid them.”
51 Suspenders: Two methods.
59 Belts
63 Eyeglasses: Lifting them from your “victim’s” face without their noticing.
67 Rings: Too small for stage or cabaret routines, but effective in small groups.
68 Exercises and Practice
69 Gags: Taking the shirt off someone’s back without unbuttoning their coat, for instance.
77 Assistants
78 Selecting the “Victims”
79 The Barons: Basically stooges. Use judiciously.
80 Risks of the Trade
82 The “Real” Pickpockets
83 Renowned Pickpockets: Famous magician pickpockets.

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