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This effect was featured on the cover page of the Linking Ring Magic Magazine Magician titled as – The Vase, Cone Beans Orange March 1969. There have been a myriad of variations for this effect, made from several different manufactures over the years. Some were made much earlier. We have rumors that it was manufactured by Eli Throckmorton using little known techniques learned from tribal artist in the region during his 3-year stay in the African Sahara. As many of you already know, Eli never returned to the States and died trying to cool himself on an extremely hot African day. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t aware of the hostility and danger of Hippo’s. If this truly is a Throckmorton, it very well may have been the last piece he made! However, since this cannot be confirmed it is “Vintage” with manufacture unknown. What we can tell you is it is in very good condition.

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Condition: GOOD – Image is of the genuine article being offered.

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