Confusing Crayons


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Topsy Turvey for a new generation – that is exactly what this fantastic item provides. It is ideal for birthday magic, but certainly shouldn’t be limited to it. Anytime you want to incorporate a solid, comical routine into your show – this should be considered. Not only does it provide laughs, but also it’s “interactive” allowing you and a lucky spectator (i.e., birthday child perhaps) the opportunity to share center stage with the magi.

However, instead of the classic bottles “you do as I do” bottle routine is done with large red & yellow crayons! A child (or adult) follows the magician’s every move, yet his or her crayon is always upside down while the magician’s is right side up. And get this…the magician can exchange crayons with the specter at any time, and it will work with either color! Great routine for children!

Beautifully made! A very colorful prop that packs small but plays big!

Note/Disclaimer: Item does “NOT” Come with the mini crayon as featured in the performance video.

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