Confusing George


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This effect works!  Every time and it’s easy to perform and gets puzzled looks and a lot of dropped jaws. Have fun thinking up and playing up your own routine!

The Five One Dollar Bill Illusion—If you love money magic, you’ll love this! Impromptu magic! Sweet ‘n simple! Instant confusion! Pull out five one-dollar bills and count them in front of the spectators, turning every other one over as you count them! So you have some upside down and a couple right side up! That’s it. Flick them…Shake them…Blow on them…Turn them over and all of the bills are now face up! Yep, that’s right—you mix them and still they correct themselves. “Old George” is magical and confusing for sure! No false counts or sleights! Easy to do as drinking water! An excellent walk around effect or close up! Comes complete with instructions and four real one-dollar bills.

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