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Conjunction is a remarkable effect with a very simple description. You take one of your business cards, give it a series of folds and tears, and in the process transform it into an impossible object: two unbroken cardboard rings that end up linked through one another.

So, you may ask, what sets Conjunction apart from the multitude of other effects that have bits of card linking together? Simple: You do it for real. The rings are given away in their genuinely linked state, from which they can’t be unlinked without ripping them. They can be examined indefinitely with no danger of anyone finding any seams, joins or tears, because there aren’t any. Furthermore, no glue, tape, or adhesive of any kind is used. Only one card is involved, with no gaffs, gimmicks or extra pieces, and nothing to ring in, ditch or switch. And naturally, if you’ve set it up correctly, the rings will still have your name and contact information on them, intact, at the end.

Even among those who know a thing or two about linking card effects, common sense dictates that what I’ve just described — taking nothing but a single, ungimmicked card and genuinely turning it into two solid linked rings — is utterly impossible. In fact I’ve received a number of incredulous emails insisting that there must be something left out of my description, because under the conditions I’ve listed, it simply can’t be done. All I can say is, the more impossible it seems to you, the more you will love Conjunction.


Can I do it with my current business card?

The answer to that question — and I wish I had a better one — is “maybe.” And since I’m well aware of how frustrating that answer is, here is the most detailed elaboration I can provide without giving too much away. Once you learn how the link is done, you’ll be able to do it with any card. However, in order to prevent people from being able to tell how you did it, the card you use will have to meet certain requirements, the details of which I can’t disclose. If your current card meets those requirements, then you’ll be able to make a deceptive set of linked rings from it; if it doesn’t, you won’t. Note, however, that even if you can, that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to finish with your contact info still intact on the linked rings. In order to make that happen, there’s a very good chance you will need new cards. However, the manuscript outlines a number of alternatives for people who don’t want to change their current business card.

Can I do it with a borrowed business card?

Again, it depends on the card; some of them will work, some won’t.

Can I do it with a playing card?

Finally, a question with a definite answer. And that answer is, no.

How long does it take in real time?

Once you get good at it, about two minutes. And yes, that is a long time for people to watch you fold and tear paper. I discuss various approaches to covering this in the manuscript.

Do the rings start out separate and then link together?

No, they’re linked from the moment they come into existence. Of course a set of rings linked with the Conjunction principle could be combined with other bits of subterfuge to apparently link two solid, separate rings, but no such handling is provided with the effect.

What’s the difficulty level?

It will require a good deal of practice, but not the same kind of practice required for difficult sleight of hand; it’s more akin to learning to make an origami bird, or make a Jacob’s Ladder out of a loop of string. If you’ve ever mastered something like that, you’ll have no problem with this.

Can I do it with a larger piece of paper in a stage setting?

It’s theoretically possible, but wholly impractical.

How impromptu is it?

You have to have a suitable business card, but that really is all that’s required. If that fits your personal definition of impromptu, then it’s impromptu; if it doesn’t, then it’s not.

What comes with the effect?

A 48-page, 8.5 x 11″, softcover, staple-bound, photo-illustrated, clearly written, gramatically sound, professionally proofread and typographically pleasing manuscript, plus a few blank business cards to practice with.

Why did you release it as a booklet rather than a DVD?

Because I’m an intellectual elitist who spits on the unwashed masses of plebians, troglodytes, and philistines indolently and self-righteously expecting to have everything spoon-fed directly into what’s left of their atrophied brains through a CRT screen.*

*And also because the nature of the effect makes it easier to learn from still pictures (which you can stare at for as long as you need to) than from a DVD (which you would have to keep pausing and rewinding). But mainly it was the first reason.

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