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Conjuring, more commonly known as magic, is said to be the world’s second oldest profession. This sumptuously illustrated history tells the story of magic and its bizarre history through portraits of the conjurors themselves. Included are chapters on Horace Goldin and his buzz saw, Keller – the man who spoke with devils and Thurston – the king of cards. The dark side of magic is explored in chapters on the fabulous Indian Rope Trick and the deadly Defying the Bullets Tricks. The rich history of conjuring is complete with unforgettable sections on the Bambergs, both Blackstones, Houdini and his entourage – perhaps the greatest conjuring act of all – not to mention lively pickpockets, street entertainers and the newly emerging women magicians. This book is the life’s work of a famed magician, investigator of psychics and faith healers and esteemed author. It is also grand entertainment, given an amusing edge by James Randi’s notorious skeptical attitude.

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