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From Vinny Sagoo. One of the cleanest and easiest mind reading effects ever created! The Low-Down! You hand someone a small plastic card with various colourful objects on one side and wheels with letters on the other. EFFECT: Spectators mentally select ANY object and then turn the card over. They are asked to focus on the first letter of their object and tell you if it is featured on any of the wheels.You then ask them to MENTALLY send you the second and third letters. Finally, after building a mental connection you ask them to send you the full word. You take a deep breath and INSTANTLY reveal the word/object that the spectator is thinking of!

  • VERY easy to do
  • Made on PVC card so it will last you a LIFETIME
  • FULL written and video instruction
  • Can be fully EXAMINED
  • Can repeated straight AWAY
  • Can be preformed totally HANDS off

This is something that you will always carry with you!

REVIEWS: “This is a fantastic effect you can carry with you at all times and ready to go at a moment’s notice! Highly recommend!” – Moz Powrie

“Very clever and easy to learn! As a beginner myself it was an achievable effect for me to do and works everytime! It went straight in my purse as soon I bought it. Ive done this in the real world and the spectators are blown away 10/10!” – Jessica Rhodes

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