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Here we have a refreshing twist on a classic of magic that over the years has solidified it’s position as a crowd pleaser. Kreis has taken the pom pom pole, added his skillful craftsmanship as well as a new theme to provide you with a contemporary trick – at a great price.

EFFECT: The performer displays a rod, which has two red strings – one hanging from each end of the pole. At the bottom of each of the red strings there is a plastic clip. One clip is attached to a cartoon picture of a young boy, and the other clip is attached to a cartoon picture of a young girl.

The performer weaves a tell about an old Asian myth, in which lovers are connected by invisible red string.
When the performer pulls on the image of the boy, the string goes down and at the same time, the image of the girl rises, proving they are connected.

This is an amazing feat when you consider that the middle section of the rod is TRANSPARENT and thus the spectators can see that there is no internal string connecting the two images.

Tip: You can substitute the images of the boy and girl, for your own created images which can be easily attached to the clips, thus opening up a lot of creative opportunities.

Note: Two versions of this effect are available – this is the large version which is approx. 21.5″ but there may also be available at Stevens Magic the smaller close up version that is about 7.5 inches long.

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