Constant Fooling – Volume 1 (Book)


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By David Regal A two-part compendium of magic with cards, coins and a whole lot more encompassing over 20 years of creations from one of magic’s most innovative minds…David Regal. Volume 1: Contains a collection of powerful card magic utilizing unprepared cards, David’s startling Cups & Balls routine from his Magic Castle Act and a chapter devoted entirely to magic done with neither cards nor coins. Prepare to fool your audiences with the following…A spectator cuts the deck multiple times, arriving at his own phone number…A cotton ball is plucked from a spectator’s clothing, then changes into a handkerchief…a card case is turned into a magical box that allows a spectator’s ring to penetrate onto a pencil…plus many, many more! Hardbound with full, color dustjacket, 232 pages. Volume 2: Contains an assortment of unique card magic utilizing prepared or altered cards, mental mysteries, a chapter dedicated to exceptional card effects which utilize a technological breakthrough, bills and currency, gaffed decks and a stand-out card routine which tells a story. Continue fooling your audiences with the following…Spectators randomly deal the deck into piles, perfectly separating the four suits in the process…a borrowed bill cleanly changes into a $100, via a new method that doesn’t utilize a thumb tip…A story of life “after hours” is told with a deck of cards (a showpiece guaranteed to garner applause.) Hardbound with full, color dustjacket, 239 pages.

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