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What we love how you can use your own Credit Cards. In fact if you have one of the many different credit card theme magic effects, (or a gimmicked card for another effect), you can include them in the wallet and segway  into those other effects after peforming Contactless, or business cards.  This makes Contactless extremely versitale as it can be used as both an effect and a utility (by way of allowing you to carry other effects in the wallet that you utilize either independently or in conjunction with Contactless).  – Stevens Magic

“This is most organic versions  I have ever seen! Trust me, you will never leave home without it!” – Luca Volpe

“Contactless is a direct and versatile effect. Versatile enough to be used as a straightforward prediction, influence, or my favorite, in conjunction with a psychic reading. A great opener casual performance piece that’s so small and dare I say ‘natural/organic’ you have no excuse not to carry it with you at all times” – Mick Wilson

You remove your wallet and show the 3 cards within. A Visa, a store card, and your ID (you can use whatever cards you wish). The cards are removed, and your spectator is asked to think of anyone. Now before they say a word you tell them that you already know which one, they are thinking of and if you get it wrong, they will win some of your hard earned cash. They name their card and of course you have predicted it correctly!

When creating contactless we wanted an effect that would become part of your natural everyday carry. With Contactless we have taken a classic mentalism principle and bought it bang up to date. There are no strange props to carry and it looks and feels totally impromptu. Contactless is the perfect carry everywhere item! We designed contactless to work with your own cards to make this effect totally natural. With contactless you receive the custom leather wallet and all the other bits to make this great effect blow minds! Contactless is super easy to do and we promise you will not leave home without it!

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