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Stevens Magic Emporium has been chosen to be the exclusive “distributor” for this latest creation from the workshops of Bill Montana and Dr. Paul.   Who have allowed Louie Gaynor to make a deluxe version of this fascination puzzle and effect!  The Conundrum features intricately cut wood pieces that perfectly together inside the wood tray to create something that is visually impossible… It’s easy to do yet completely baffling.  This version isn’t constructed of plywood but high quality hardwood.  Look at the images.

“Throughout my career as a mentalist and designer of magical apparatus people keep telling me that some of the things I endeavor to create simply cannot be made or done. Yet, I continue making the impossible a reality. The Conundrum is the latest these creation in this impossible reality and its something of puzzle enigma which everyone kept telling me it simply cannot be made in wood. I am glad I never listen to these people for if I had this wonderful item would not exist.” – Bill Montana 

The Conundrum is that latest of these impossible creations and was crafted in the workshops of Dr. Paul and Bill Montana. The effect was created for the close up performer and or restaurant worker is very different from the standard card and coin trick. Its also very visual and can be used in a couple of different ways.  Dimensions approx. 3.5″ by 3.5″ and 1/2″ thick.  Perfect size, approx palm sized.

The Effect Version 1 

A small wood tray is brought forth and shown. Five piece of wood are shown and these are placed in to the small wood tray. It is seen that they fit perfectly inside this tray. Now the pieces in the tray are dumped out on the table the small center piece with the question mark is now placed in your pocket. When the four pieces are placed back in the tray it is clear that something strange has happened since the pieces fill the tray without leaving any extra room.

The Effect Version 2

A small wood tray is brought forth and shown. Four piece of wood are also brought forth and shown separately and these are then placed in to the small wood tray to form a solid square. It is seen that they fit perfectly inside this tray.

Then the pieces in the tray are dumped out on the table and when these same pieces are place back into the tray it can be clearly seen that there is now a square hole in the center. At this point the performer reaches into his or her pocket and removes the extra piece which has a question mark engraved on it and places this piece into the center where it fits perfectly.

Either way you do it the Conundrum is a wonderful enigma that just cannot be explained. It’s an odd puzzling visual effect that can be done. Best of all its made from wood and is easy to do. It’s not easy to figure out how its done since all the pieces fit together snugly in the small tray.

The overall size of the Conundrum is approx. 3.5” x 3.5” x 3/4” thick.  It also features a hand rubbed varnish finish on the puzzle parts.  This Conundrum fabricated by Louie Gaynor was built to last a lifetime.


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