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A Corner Short is a card which has two opposite corners cut short, which allows you to locate the card no matter who shuffles the deck without any control on your part. Because the corners are shortened, when you riffle through the deck containing this card, you’ll feel a snap as two cards pass through your finger at once.

Applications: If this card is forced, it can be used to locate the card within a shuffled deck without any controlling. You always know what card you clipped, therefore you can force this card for mentalism tricks. This card can be placed above a selected card, and will allow you to locate that card without using breaks and basic shuffling techniques (99% of the time, these two cards will remain together).

How To: The way this card is found in a deck is usually by riffling through the corners. Therefore, depending on the corner you usually riffle through, that is the corner you will cut. Simply take the nail clipper and cut about a millimeter or less out of the corner. Start with as small a cut as you can manage, place it in the deck, and riffle through to see if you can catch the card. Keep cutting out until you can locate the card in a deck.

Notes: The smaller the cut, the harder it will be to detect by an observant spectator. However, the smaller the cut the harder it will be to catch, especially with older, used decks. If you would like two Corner Short cards, cut out the other corners of a different card. To locate this new card, simply riffle through the other corner.

Credits: Carlos Ramos

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