Corners Through Window – Code 13


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Card Through Window. EFFECT: Spectator selects a card. The magician folds the card creating four sections, which are then torn. All four individual pieces are freely shown, and one is handed to a spectator. The magician walks toward a window or pane of glass and sticks one of the pieces on the other side of the window, by reaching under or around the window pane, for illustration.

The magic starts here with the magician rubbing the front side of the glass and producing the second corner on the backside of the glass! The magical feat is repeated with the 3rd corner of the card, leaving all three pieces on the outside. Now the magician takes his hand around the window to remove the pieces and as he does-he removes not individual pieces-but all three pieces are now restored! But what about the 4th corner given to the spectator? He takes it back and just like a solved puzzle, when he puts it up against the missing corner it is a perfect match! Includes gimmick, instruction sheet and DVD.


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