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Edward Massey (1889-1964) was an author, inventor, amateur magician and magic dealer.

Biography: He worked with various firms in Philadelphia in an advertising capacity and was a member of the S.A.M., I.B.M. and the M.D.A. He contributed articles to The Sphinx using his own drawings for illustrations.[1]

Massey created numerous magic effects including Squeezaway Block, Silk Cabby, Finger Guillotine, Rod Thru Body and Chinese Flame Clock, Indestructible Ribbon, Ribbon Fantastique, Corker, Baffler, Cabinet of Deodar, Card Dagger, Card in Glass, Century Silk Frame, Divination Slate of Fate, Chest of Wang, Wrist Chopper, Glass Penetration, and AmazRing.[2]


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