COVID-20 – Magician’s Performers Mask!

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Performance Enhancement System and Optional Mind Reading and Topit Add-On
Only 100 Will Ever Be Available
LIST: $17
LIST with MindReader/Topit Burka Add-On: $89
Preorder Now at discounted price of $49 for BOTH: SKU AND COUPON CODE: SMEPC-COV20

This is a must have for table hoppers and close-up performers. Our new COVID-19 Surgical Mask guarantees full face coverage and allows you a (slightly muffled) performance time of 4 minutes. (You must open the mask every 4 minutes to allow new fresh air to enter.) You know that you’re long winded and overstay your welcome with, “Hey – Wanna see just one more card trick before I go?” This COVID-Safe setup gives you a virus free performance and gets you HIRED! Restaurant owners really won’t hire you without two things now – 1. this type of guaranteed Virus Prevention System and 2. Someone willing to dine in their restaurant. We have you covered both ways! Literally! You’re covered. AND if nobody wants to go out and dine at the restaurant you choose to work at, YOU can guarantee that you will be there and bring one family member who will be a paying customer. Imagine the power you finally have over the traditionally mean and demanding restaurant owners! You now are the RESOURCE for THEIR survival! Talk about turning the tables on an industry!

In addition to preventing the spread of COVID-19 during your performances, the all new COVID-20 also secretly lets you (and only you) know when it is time to move on to the next table! After about three minutes, you’ll get the first warning which is just a bit of slurred speech and an overall lightheaded feeling. Top palms and double lifts can still be reliably performed during the warning phase, but that sinking feeling signals you to bring it all to a darn close and fast! At 3:45 into your performance (way more than enough time for a 3 fly – well maybe a 2 fly . . .) you get the second stage warning to wrap it up with a lack of balance and inability to coordinate movements. This is when you should STOP second dealing and wrap it up fast. Move to the next table, open the back for fresh air and . . . wash, rinse, repeat!

While all this is already enough, Stevens has created an add-on which will change the way you perform forever. First – the Burka-like headdress fits perfectly over the COVID-20 device. Second, We provide you with Duct Tape which goes over the eye slit for a mentalism routine. Imagine promoting your upcoming gig with a “Blind Driving in Burka” media blitz! Just get in a truck or van, Wear your COVID-20 plus Burka, and drive towards a public building! Guaranteed press! Third – and this is HUGE – we have a dirty little secret. . . That EYE SLIT doubles as a TOPIT! That’s right! Just by wearing this safety enhancing, auto-timed “move one” getup, you gain the ability to make things vanish impossibly! From coins to cell phones (large items are dependent on your particular nose and brow protrusions) anything that fits in that slot can simply disappear in the blink of an eye. (Our detailed instructions actually tell you WHEN to blink to avoid object related blindness while using the topit!). After entering the eye-slit the object falls harmlessly against your garments, travels down and arrives at the floor where your foot can conveniently cover the vanished object. There are some minor noise issues but who the heck is working in a library? This is REAL WORLD tested! Restaurants are noisy and even if you are in a quiet one, EVERYONE is coughing these days so right when the coin hits the floor, a little cough, and once again . . .

Finally – The BUMA ORB fits into this setup beautifully. We are making the Buma Eyeball Orb (select Blue, Green, Hazel or Brown at checkout to match your eye color) and this allows you to pluck your eye and vanish it right from the Burka! Placing the Orb or the new EyeORB into your mouth (hidden by the Burka) allows never before seen miracles. Bringing the chain near the Burka snaps it through the eye slit and onto the teeth near the ORB (not to be performed if you wear braces please)! The possibilities are endless!

During these trying times, there is nothing more important than innovation and community and theraputic comeday. Stevens hopes we’ve provided you with a little of at least “one” of them along with the ability to take you and your magic to the next level!  A Jonathan Todd Production.

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    Once in a lifetime comes a product this versatile. I’ve been practicing with the Buma Orb and that eye vanish is great. I’ve taken to switching eyes on alternate days due to minor bruising, but the effect is worth it.

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