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Stevens Magic is proud to have purchased estate items from the family of  Marcelo Contento.  

Victor & Marcelo had a custom set of professional grade Dominoes created by a real Domino manufacturer and nothing else has ever come close. To top it off they added an extra gimmick, and came up with four routines from Bob Farmer, Kirk Charles and Marcelo Contento calling the new set: Crazy Dominoes.

Make dominoes transpose under seemingly impossible conditions, and what’s more everything can be left for examination! In addition, Kirk Charles offers a routine based on a Monte theme and Bob Farmer describes a swindle which will allow you to amaze your friends and neighbors. These are a beautiful set, clean, effective, straight to the point magic and easy to do! What is more they perfectly match the other Domino miracle released by Victor & Marcelo.

ConditionPERFECT – I would otherwise say NEW but being they have been stored for several years that would not be correct.  Yet they are sealed, save for one we took image with. So they are in exactly the same condition as when they where first sealed.

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