Crazy Hole – Red Bicycle Back


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A THRILLING effect!  The magician presents a card, and a black circle. Once placed on the card, the circle materializes into a real hole, in which the magician can put his pen, but that’s not all! Indeed, the pen disappears completely and does not come out on the other side, as if it had been sucked by a black hole.

Once removed, the hole becomes a simple black circle that can be removed from the card to show it completely intact. Crazy Hole, an incredible effect by Andrew and Ednei Ernesto. With this ingenious gimmicked card, you’ll be able to perform the trick right out of the box!  Product features a link to a video instructional tutorial that will teach you how to perform in no time!


  • Exceptionally visual magic that happens right under their eyes
  • Card already made, ready to use
  • Easy to replicate for the future
  • Super visual effect
  • The card can be shown on both sides before and after

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