Crazy Washing Machine

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Kids magic to the extreme. Performer drags out a funny looking box and claims it is a Crazy Washing Machine. “You have to be crazy to use it………just the thing for me!

This marvelous machine will wash clothes and use no water or soap.” After putting dirty socks inside and sealing the lid the performer or child turns the top crank. Loud ratcheting clatter noises fill the air. Upon opening the lid, clean white socks come out. Clean white socks shrink to very small white socks. Small white ones end up large red ones.

Washer is capable of four changes. Can be shown empty ANYTIME with no black art. Kids love to make noise. And this really makes noise. Let them turn the crank and go! Remove stains from clothes. Holes from handkerchiefs. Or put them there. You can invent a combination for that ‘special’ performance. Have the kids reach in and remove the ‘wash’ themselves with none the wiser.

Washer measures 10½ inches by 14 inches high and 7 inches deep. Beautifully finished in urethane lacquer for durability.

Additional Shipping May Be Required!

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Weight9.0 lbs
Dimensions13.50 x 11.75 x 7.75 in

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