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Criminal Intent is also called – CSI Card. It’s fun, light magic! Effect: A card is selected, returned to the deck and shuffled. The magician is now the Forensic Detective – he explains how this card will be located using “technologies of forensic science!” The spectator selects one card and their DNA/finger prints are now somewhere on the card. Cards are spread face-down and the magician proceeds to take out a miniature light and just like a crime detective, he takes the UV light and fans out over the spread of cards, looking for DNA/finger prints of the spectator! “Lo & Behold,” the UV lights up and is passed over the cards and the UV light illuminates a “Finger Print” on the back of one of the cards! The finger print is easily seen through the glow of the UV Light, yet cannot be seen with the naked eye! And when it’s turned over it is confirmed to the be the spectators chosen card. The rest of the deck can be examined too! Comes complete with two special cards and the UV light.


Note: This effect was previously titled: CSI Card.

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