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“Cross My Palm by Scott St Clair offers the reader an original and exciting way of turning the coins in your pocket into a psychic experience for your spectators. The easy to master system that Scott gives you transforms ordinary objects like a few coins into an extraordinary instant oracle!” – Larry Baukin




Cross My Palm is a 32-page, 6 x 9 – softback book. In it Scott details his, impromptu, reading system based on coins. The book has been very well received by some of mentalism’s most well-known creators and performers, including: Neal Scryer, Richard Webster, Lee Earle, Paul Voudini and Phedon Bilek (see their quotes below).

In the book you will find details on why coins make a useful, powerful and convenient divination tool, before detailing each aspect of the coins that can be used to give a reading – from orientation, to spreads and more. The CMP system allows the reader to give a detailed reading, looking at all the major aspects of a sitter’s life. The book looks at timing events (past, present and future), the relative importance of each area being read, how these relate to each other and whether these areas are set to improve or not. In addition, the CMP system, sets out several, detailed subtleties that serve to enhance the reading given.History,In over 20 years of giving readings, I found that, depending on audience, one came across several, potential, sitters who did not want a Tarot or palm reading.

For one reason or another (some found the systems too occult, others made connections to films they had seen etc) other people did not want to be read using these systems. Also, I did not always have my Tarot on my person, to give ‘impromptu’ readings.

For these reasons, I began to create a system that satisfied several criteria:

  • It had to be impromptu, easy to remember, adaptable
  • Relatable and non-threatening to my audiences.
  • Most importantly, my audience had to be able to relate to the system – intuitively.

The resulting system became Cross My Palm. Since humankind began to notice the passing of time, the change in the seasons and their own mortality we have sought which drive us even today – answers!

  • Why am I here?
  • What makes me who I am?
  • What does my future hold for me?

We attempt to uncover the unknown, the unknowable.We try to make sense of our past and foretell our future. To this end witchdoctors, shaman, Gypsies and psychics turned to casting. Casting stones, gems, twigs and coins. Runes, Tarot and the I Ching have served throughout the centuries to help us answer our most visceral of questions.

‘This is a very clever way of doing a reading anywhere anytime, amazing thinking . This is a keeper and well thought out. I love this, it’s brilliant!’ – Neal Scryer

“I’ve experimented with different coin reading systems in the past, but never found one I was completely happy with. Your system is superb! It provides detailed readings covering all the main aspects of the person’s life, and even enables you to time future events. I’ll be using this – in fact I’ve already started!” Richard Webster

“Having adapted some of Scott’s creative psychological entertainment into my own performances – I can vouch for how powerfully they play out. Scotts’ thoughtfully crafted presentations take the audience on a myriad of enjoyable experiences and outcomes, which is achieved through the nuances and knowledge he has evidently gained as a performer.” – Steve Drury

“The Cross My Palm system is both novel and useful and I’m certain it will add some zing to almost any reader’s repertoire. Simple to learn and yet as complex as you care to make it, this one should become a ‘standard’.” – Lee Earle

‘Cross My Palm is the kind of reading system I consider to be close to perfection. Think about it: anytime, anywhere, making sense, easy to understand and learn, fun to perform, using something each of us carry all the time, covering all aspects of life, dealing with past, present and future, identifying the person involved in the reading, and even hinting on the sitter’s personality… You can make it fast -choosing to ignore some aspects- or highly complex -taking all the aspects and details into consideration- depending on the circumstances, or your time, or the venue…

I don’t want to say more, as I don’t want to hint on the system. But Scott’s personality, although I never met him, transpires here. Such attention to details, such clarity in his concise -yet very accurate- explanations. He really squeezed every drop of what could be possible to accomplish, as far as readings are concerned, with coins. Enough. You got the point. I love it. And if you’re into readings, so will you.’ Phedon Bilek

“I believe Scott’s work opens new dimensions for the Mentalist and every serious entertainer. Buy and savor it. 5-stars.” – Marc Salem 

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