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“Obviously this has to be an amazing effect to whoever you do this for.”Chris Kenner 

“The new and modern way to melt a coin. This is so cool I wish you only told me and nobody else!”Luiz Castro

Currently Available ONLY in the United States at this TIME!

Travis Higgs Presents Crucible. One of the most powerful and mind-blowing close up coin effects ever! Any effect where the magic happens in the spectator’s hands exponentially enhances impact. But this effect performer correctly takes that powerful feature a step beyond.

With the right presentation – polishing, finesse along with basic integration of psychology – you will have quite possibly the most powerful effect in your arsenal.

Imagine borrowing a coin from a spectator and then placing that coin into the hand of spectator and having them form a tight fist. You invite the spectator to concentrate fully on the coin inside their fist and after few seconds ask a very simple question – do you notice anything happening as your clenching the coin in your hand? The spectator replies “YES, I feel a heating sensation!” The performer reaffirms that the coin in their closed fist – was provided from them – to the magician.  The magician prompts the spectator again – and the spectator once again states that not only is he feeling a warming sensation, but it appears from feeling, the coin is possibly melting.

Finally, the magician instructs the spectator to open their hand slowly and when they do, what is seen is nothing short of amazing. The coin that was previously provided by the spectator has practically disintegrated!  In fact, in some cases, it is not even recognizable. Not only that, but the silver coloring from the coin has melted off and the silver residue can clearly be seen staining the spectator’s skin. This being the absolute proof the coin did indeed disintegrate while the spectator was holding it.

  • Comes with the ability to perform it with US dimes.
  • Put YOU in control to be able to create more coins as needed.
  • Easy to perform – which allows you to focus your energy on the routine.
  • No Electronics.
  • Can be performed fully surrounded.

Travis Higgs is an exceptionally gifted and talent young magician that refreshingly cut his teeth learning the art using the same materials that were available prior to the internet. As a result, he has not only mastered an incredible amount of knowledge but equally is passionate about the history of magic and the processors that he stands on the shoulders of. This is a certified FACT: Virtually self-taught Travis and his brother James (Jiro) practically isolated himself for several years working in their home studio alongside his brother James that equally shared the same strategy. Consuming book after classic book and having an insatiable appetite to master such techniques.

Travis has used this as his signature effect for years and has finally decided to release it to the magic world but wants to keep it reserved only to those who really see the power of it such, they will have something unique.

Effect comes with everything you need to perform it.   Access to a an online VIDEO instructional that goes through the step-by-step the processes associated with set up, and performance. There is also important trouble shooting and important tips that make sure you can get the full value from your purchase.

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