Cruise Magic 101 – Nick Lewin (Book)


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Nick Lewin was cut from the same mold and be-friended by legends including Fred Kaps, Ken Brooke, Billy McComb and Maurice Fogel.  Richard Webster considers him to be one of the greatest performers in the art! Stevens Magic is excited to offer his products to you!

How To Make A Great Living Performing Magic On Cruise Ships Sound too good to be true? Well not when you have read these tips! Secrets and information in this truly ground-breaking book will show you how! After 40 years of performing, Nick has become one of the highest paid and highly regarded performers in this lucrative market! From A-Z Nick covers the topics that will get you into the Cruising Industry.

From getting bookings, getting to your ship and what to do when you get there. The tips and techniques and solid information are a “Gold Mine” for those aspiring to enter into the Cruise Business. An encyclopedia of information in the 68 pages of this book. Ten chapters of information that you will enjoy, even if you do not aspire to perform on cruise ships!

Alternative Ad Copy: Make Money And Have Fun Doing What You Love. Sound too good to be true? Not when you have read the tips, secrets and information in this groundbreaking book. After forty years Nick Lewin has become on of the highest paid and highly regarded performers in this lucrative market. Now he is sharing his experience and it can save other performers a gigantic learning curve. At a time when most sources of work are drying up or closing down, Nick shows you how to cash in and become a player in one of the few remaining expanding markets for the performing magician. Everything you need to know is right here.

Nick even includes on of his pet routines, which he performs every cruise. Although it is a cliche, his “Cruise Card Transpo” really is worth the price of the book, as you will discover the moment you perform it. His tips on other effects to perform, and not to perform, will also be invaluble as you master this highly paid and extremely enjoyable field of employment.

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