Crush Phone (iPhone 5) – Masayuki Miygawa (CL)

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What? My IPHONE just CRACKED!!! Oh Yes it did! What Fun! However, you here come the “healer” or “magician.”In next second, it turns back to the original screen without any crack, totally restored, and even shown as Power-on status!

•It is not a seal, or an application use, and you can even ask the audience to touch the broken screen!
•It is easy to set-up, no switch or palm skills required; no difficult technique needed; it’s just done right away, any time, and wherever!
•Once set-up, it can be performed over and over again. Besides, the set-up is so easy that can be done immediately, and just during your performance. Simply meeting your demands of being a magician!

It was originated by Masayuki MIYAGAWA, but the gimmick instruction was recorded as a silent DVD, which can be understood towards anyone from any country!

The product includes:
l IPHONE (5) gimmick (in white or black – SPECIFY When ordering in comments section).
l Instruction DVD (showing two methods of execution).

IPHONE version 4/4S also available CLICK HERE!

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