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Hardback. Good condition.

“My object in writing this book is simply to explain what cryptography is, and to recall what it has been from antiquity to the present day; in short, to relate my experiences as a decipherer. The first part of the volume contains a description of the principal systems of cryptography, together with a note on the role played by cryptography in history. In the second part I relate how I succeeded in deciphering a dozen cryptograms of various kinds.

In some chapters of this section I give the texts just as they came into my hands; but in the majority of cases, though preserving the system of cryptography actually employed, I have, on grounds of expediency, substituted an approximate reading for the actual text and have modified the plan, and even radical features of the narrative in such a way as to render abortive any attempt at identification and localization.” – The Author Andre Langie

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