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Stevens Magic is very excited to announce an exclusive from Cliff Wiggs,  One of the finest quality utility props for vanishing and producing objects ever made. …a bold statement, I know, but…

  • The Proline Silk Cylinder is the best of its kind!
  • This versatile prop can be used to produce, vanish and exchange almost anything solid, liquid or gas.
  • Transform sponge balls into solid balls, silks into goldfish, scarves into cool-aid, smoke into cotton balls or scarves or most anything you can imagine!
  • The load is visually as large as the tube.

LARGE, Almost 11 inches tall with a “cushioned” load chamber 3 1/2 inches wide by 8 1/2 inches tall!

The sturdy 6 inch, 3 point base assures that it will remain stable while moving your table. This smooth working heavy duty stage or platform prop is made of sturdy, heavy duty acrylic. This beautiful and functional product is preferred by professionals and will be the last Silk Cylinder you will ever buy!

This is one of the most aesthetically appeasing pieces of magical apparatus I have ever seen!  – Joe Stevens


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