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I predict this first shipment will sell our FAST! Manufactured by Alan Wong! With respect to Tommy Wonder. 

“Finally… a magic salt shaker with a funny voice! Fred Kaps used a version of the Paul Potassy magic salt shaker for misdirection..and I bet if Fred had one that “squeaked” he would have used it in every show! This unique comedy prop will enhance your show and give you added comedy and misdirection at the moment you need it most” Jeff McBride Las Vegas Headliner.

Classic Crystal Squeaking Salt Shaker – say it five times fast! Tommy Wonder used his squeaky salt shaker in his Déjà Reverse routine.  In fact it is as close to the style and model as the one featured on his famous L&L Video series. It’s a fantastic comedy utility which can be used for misdirection (or direction depending on your point of view), and also for cover as you ditch palmed objects. Even better you don’t have to worry about filling it with salt, or salt falling out – because it’s carefully painted on the inside.

Perfect for those aficionados of style and grace which unquestionably included Tommy Wonder, or if you are just looking for a great little comedy prop that will add exponential laughs and empowerment to your routines – here is a chance to score a utility item that will make that happen. At a great price!

After all what is food without seasoning? The same is so true with magic, what is an effect without presentation, without comedy, without – seasoning? Due to it’s optical see through style, it’s the most unlikely suspect to house a squeaker in comparison to other such comedy utility’s on the market.

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