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Improved, Upgraded Version. For some reason we think this would go well in Bob Sheets act! I’m going to call him to tell him about this item! HA!

This was an excellent effect over 85 years ago and it still is today! The numbers on two stacks of blocks are arranged in different orders. One stack is covered with a tube. Upon the tube’s removal, the numbers match on both stacks. The tube can be shown empty at any time. The numbers always match regardless of how the blocks are stacked. Impeccable design, manufactured to exact specifications. A class effect, excellent craftsmanship! Custom fabricated for Stevens Magic Emporium from Europe.

BONUS! Comes with additional instructional DVD – in addition to paper instructions! At Stevens Magic, we like to give you BOTH! The VIDEO is a BIG help in learning this effect. Sorry – this video is “not” sold separately per our arrangement with the distributor.

Dimensions: Both tubes stand 17.25 inches tall. Each block measures 3 x 3 inches.

IMPORTANT: Color of tubes and blocks subject to change based on availability of materials at the time of fabrication, photo for illustration purposes only.  Item NOT eligible with any Store Coupon.

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