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BONUS! Buy from Stevens Magic and it comes with 3.5 ounces of Skittles (in box or bulk).  You can always change to other candies but there is nothing worse than getting a new magic effect and not be able to immediately test it out! 

The Legendary Effect Dice Bomb with an incredible makeover that is perfect to have in all settings of magic! Gustavo Raley presents a high impact effect for your shows. This high impact effect is perfectly for everything from children’s magic shows to stage magic, and even, close-up magic shows.

A Rubik’s cube is shown on all sides, it is placed inside its container with its corresponding lid, and instantaneously it explodes into candy in view of the spectators.

    • Comes ready to perform
    • Very easy to make.
    • You can make candy, M&M, Froot Loops, Popcorn. (Anything Smaller than a Basic Rubix Cube)
    • Plays extremely well with Children audiences
    • Color of Lid Varies: Red, Black, White.
    • Comes with a Small pack of Skittles so you can test it the moment you open your package.

“This is the Best Dice Bomb on the planet”Jiro

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