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Cue Command Comes With Apple Lightning Connector!

Note: Cue Command Only Comes With New Lightning Connector. Cue Command – Deceptively Simple remotely puts iTunes music in your control. – Reviewed by Francis Menotti

The R&D, effective functionality, look, and FAA and Apple approval all make the pricing understandable; it is high quality and does exactly what it claims to do. Even the packaging, for what it’s worth, is sleek and minimalist to live up to the official Apple standards. So, again: is it for you? (That’s your cue.)”


At Stevens Magic Emporium, we like to test items and be selective…. If you are a customer of ours this is not news to you.   When Scott Meyer contacted me a while back about his Cue System, it sounded too good to be true. We ordered a unit and had our two tech guys – Shawn Reida and the owner of Wichita’s magic venue – The Underground’s Craig Cole, review the item.  You know you have a good item when the two people that reviewed it are fighting to see if they can buy it.  Craig Cole ended up with it and said “ANYONE” who uses music in their act – should strongly consider Cue Command.  It’s the easiest and most reliable way to cue your music…  It’s exceptionally well designed and compact. Fully approved and conforming to Apple’s exacting standards   In short we loved it so much we asked for an “Exclusive.”     Thus it goes without stating – this product has our full endorsement.   CLICK ON THE “Cue Command” icon BELOW IMAGE to view the User’s Manual! cc Control Your Music  Cue Command was designed from its conception to its realization as one integrated system dedicated to giving the solo performer complete error free control of a show’s music and sound. All of Cue Command’s components meet exacting standards required for Apple approval. Ankle-switch now available! Satisfaction Guaranteed  If you are not 100% satisfied with your Cue Command, return it within 30 days and you’ll receive a 100% refund…heck…we’ll even pay the return shipping costs (if you contact us before shipping to confirm proper return shipping method).


Features:  The Cue Command integrated system of an Apple App for your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or iPad mini and the Apple approved appliance and remote control provides the following features: • Error-free control of your music and sound effects. • No messing with MP3 devices, memory sticks, or PCs. • Simply plays tracks from your iTunes playlist on most Apple iOS devices (iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini)…no manipulation or user programming is needed. • Handheld transmitter utilizes large, domed buttons, that can be readily felt through fabric such as a pant pocket. • Comprehensive range of sound functions including start, stop, cue forward/back, and complete volume and fade control. • At the end of each track, the system will automatically cue to the next track and hold in pause. • A single button-press will cause the current track to gradually fade out and the player will cue to the next track. • Error free volume consistency from track to track. • Play/pause, track forward/back, volume up/down, and one-touch fade-to-cue-to-next are all controlled by the hand-held transmitter. • More than 16-million unique transmitter addresses. This virtually guarantees you will be the only one who can control your system. • Reliable and secure control over 100+ yard distance. • Track numbers prominently displayed in either portrait or landscape mode on your Apple iOS device. • Charging of your Apple iOS device is provided through the Cue Command appliance. Apple iOS devices (including iPad) will receive the appropriate amount of power to properly charge while connected to the docking cable. • Designed for performers, by performers. • Fully approved and conforming to Apple’s exacting standards. • Apple approved device and Apple approved app seamlessly combine to produce an uncompromising user experience.  Learn More About Cue Command The Cue Command system was designed to meet the needs of the contemporary solo performer. The Cue Command delivers total sound control where professionalism is an absolute requirement.

Testimonials Well, I guess you worked your magic, and it’s working perfectly. I’m delighted with the ease of use, the logic of the controls and the fact that it’s really easy to change the volume of the songs on the fly. Plus, the ease of creating playlists right in iTunes is icing on the cake. Further, with the other product the tracks have to be in MP-3 format, often requiring conversion from other formats. Finally, since Cue Command works with any Apple device, I can keep a set of playlists on my iPhone for emergency back-up if my dedicated iPod Touch should fail. All around, a great product. Congratulations! –R.B. Music is a powerful atmospheric tool, taking one’s performance to another level. As a one-man show, the Cue Command provides me with an extremely user-friendly tool to control my music throughout my act — letting me focus on my performance rather than stage tech.TH1 I use both music and sound effects in my performance and have struggled with every type of un-user friendly system. Although I am admittedly tech-challenged, when I tried the Cue Command I knew immediately it was a “game changer.” In fact, if I could design a system to fit my exact needs, this would be it! –-Mark H.



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