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Cup and Coin - Omar Ferret

Visual Magic! Incredible craftsmanship! Exclusively available at Stevens Magic Emporium! As you would expect from the name Omar Ferret. Omar’s work reminds me of Auke Van Dokkum, as it’s the same high-quality craftsmanship, and again just like Auke, Omar also is a professional performer – simply watching this video demo will convey that. This is a fantastic utility prop for close up, parlor and especially for those that enjoy coin magic. The unit is constructed by hand by Omar Ferret. The cup does “all the work” for you! Think of the possibilities you can incorporate using this custom crafted effect. Even better, the fact that these are made by hand – means they will not be mass manufactured – which means you will have something unique and special.

Omar Ferret Magic

Very Important. This product comes with the prop and the 63-page booklet – The Modern Coin Cup by Doug Brewer. Beautifully illustrated with sequential steps that visually show you moves makes learning a breeze!

Modern Coin Cup - Doug Brewer

Coin magician Doug Brewer takes the classic Coin Cup and brings it into the 21st century! Doug discovered this ingenious prop back in the mid-1990’s and quickly fell in love with it. While the standard Chop Cup-type routine that is standard with the prop was nice and deceptive, Doug thought there was so much more that could be done with it. In fact, he loved the prop so much he included his “The After Dinner Trick” routine is his now well-known book The Unexpected Visitor. After a number of years in the trenches with the prop, he had developed new routines and innovative moves that had never been used with the Coin Cup before. In this booklet, Doug (and several guest magicians) explore its magic even further, using the deceptive secret of the Cup to push the boundaries of what can be done with this underused but incredible prop.

Contens of the book:

  • Shrinking Fluid
  • A Lesson In Economics
  • The Magic Cauldron
  • The Magic Hand
  • The Point Vanish
  • Silk Extraction
  • Surreal Copper/Silver
  • The Appetizer Trick
  • Cup-Sembly
  • Transporter
  • 10 Full Routines and moves, 63 pages. Illustrated and layout by Rose Rings.

Dimensions of Cup and Coin: Each unit weighs 3.5 ounces. The mouth measures 2 inches and it stands 2 1/8 inches tall. It comes with the cup and special Eisenhower gimmick and additional non-gimmicked Eisenhower Coin, and velveteen bag.

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