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We at Stevens’ Magic have set you up on a date – with your Cups and Balls Set. You can count on one hand experts at Cups and Balls – worldwide – and in that small respectable group, without question you will find Brian Watson.  Exceptionally educated on this subject of what is without question, one of the most recognizable magic effects from the past, present and will continue to be so in the future.  Brian’s last project – Anytime, Anywhere, Cups and Balls (DVD and Book) was one of the top selling products of 2015!  You can count on the knowledge, and quality of contents when it’s from Brian Watson.

Cupdate Intro:

Traditionally, when it comes to the Cups & Balls, new releases have traditionally covered the same re-packaged material time and time again. Why? because it’s the oldest trick in the world and decades and decades go by with no new material being released. Thanks to Brian Watson, the Cupdate series features new sleights, new methods, new sequences and improvements on old sleights, moves and sequences!

Taken directly from Brian’s own working repertoire, the Cupdate series features PRACTICAL, WORKING material that you will USE, not flights of fancy that have never been worked or ideas which simply look good on paper.
There’s even bonus sections on cup care and handling.

Cupdate 1 Contents

Topas’ Wand – A lovely (and surprising) wand production which is both practical and amazing. Don’t just pull out your wand from your case or pocket, make it APPEAR! After all, it is a MAGIC wand…

The Cup Production – A practical, real world way of producing your cups before starting the routine that you will use tomorrow! Simple and easy to do yet greatly effective and entertaining.

No Sleight 3 Ball Production – Straight out of Brian’s Anytime Anywhere Cups & Balls routine, this allows you to cleanly and magically produce 3 balls, balanced on the edge of a cup with NO SLEIGHTS while showing the hands empty the whole time. There’s no sleights, no palming and no gaffs!

The Whole Sequence – Putting all 3 sequences together to allow you to walk on, at any time and produce the wand, the cup and he balls by magic in a practical and astounding manner. Giving you 5 APPLAUSE CUES before you’ve even started your routine!

Cup Through Cup Move – Traditionally the cup through cup move has been used as a throw away gag rather than a magical effect. Brian introduces his version, which is A FOOLER! Rather than the cup passing through its mate on the same plane, it passes through SIDEWAYS! What was once a puzzle is now MAGIC!

Bonus SectionHow to Strip a Patina – If you’ve ever bought a set of copper cups from an auction or pulled out a set from your draw and they have developed tarnish and patina then Brian shows you, step by step how to quickly, safely and easily restore them back to gleaming copper by removing the patina in minutes.

How to Polish Copper Cups – Next Brian shows you, in detail how to correctly polish copper cups to a high lustre for your high class performances.

Ed note: Brian actually removed 20 years of patina from one of his favourite sets of cups to demonstrate this on the DVD. Talk about suffering for your art!

It’s all here….. Well, actually that is not totally true – there is also a 2nd Volume – which goes into more details.  If anything proving why at Stevens Magic Emporium, we refer to Brian as Professor Cups and Balls!  See bottom of the page for more details.

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