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Talk about a kick in the pants! Brian Watson has taken a thousand year old game, and given it a modern face lift! Talk about great creative foresight! The three shell game has gone through many variations and modifications over the years. It remains one of the solid effects in magic and will continue to for years to come because it has all the ingredients of what magic should be; interaction, risk, skill, performance and lots of laughter. When I first opened up the box, I discovered the pea’s which made sense of course, but while I’m embarrassed to state the truth, I discovered a small hunk of cheese and asked myself – Why is this here? No sooner did I think it then I chuckled, and gave kudos’s to Brian for adding this extra. The cheese is for the “mouse” not “mice” but “mouse!” HA!

As with Brian’s previous exclusive and elite Pewter line, the quality is exceptional. They have a value added perceived value as soon as you hold them in your hands. The extra fourth “solid” shell is another aspect that shows Brian’s creative ability.

In the end you have a unique set unlike any other made. The set comes with four shell’s, two pea’s (one hard and one soft), a bag that can also serve as your performance area, the instructional DVD and don’t forget the small block of cheese for the mouse.  In addition to Brian’s ability to create high quality, limited run items he is also a consummate professional and an excellent teacher. Brian Watson is that unique person that can wear many hat and wear them very well.

Note: These were a limited run, and we were able to get a small amount of them to offer to our customers only due to a trade with Brian. So, please note this is an item that may not be available for long, or better once we sell out probably won’t be able to get more of, if there are any left.  Cyber Shells

  • 3 Cybershells
  • 1 Kicker Shell
  • 1 DVD Tutorial
  • 1 Hard & Soft Pea
  • Kicker Cheese


“Guess what Mr Mailman just delivered… yep, the coolest set of shell I have ever seen and touched!”

“I will treasure my set in the knowledge that I belong to an exclusive group, the workmanship, thought and certificate of authenticity which accompanies the first 250 sets is well worth the investment…!”

“This is not another hype or scam… This is a professional toolbox ready to put your individual stamp on a classic…”

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1 review for Cyber Shells – Brian Watson

  1. [email protected]

    The minute I saw these I had to have them. The workmanship is outstanding and they are unlike any other set of shells on the market (and I own eight other sets). I love the humor of using mice in a three shell effect, especially with the final load Brian provides. Keep them for display or bring them out every time you perform, either way they will generate conversation.

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