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Called by many as the greatest coin routine of all time by Victor Farelli created in 1948! We are pleased to finally be able to offer this fine effect to the magic fraternity. Our partners, MJJ, who have created this fine piece of magic gets the credit.

What impressed us so much is the following… the entire routine was psychological. The sleights were impossible! The moves with the corks, and stack of Morgan dollars are incredible! The thumb drive video of performance by Gallo and then the explanation truly fascinating! I cannot say enough about this routine and it is not hyperbole. How John Ramsay created this in 1948 is beyond my comprehension.

You receive the entire routine, which consists of Stack of Morgan Dollars (4 of them), Leather Cup, Thumb Drive (with performance and explanation.)

“For the first time in my life, I was able to see Mike Gallo perform this full routine, and I have never seen any better in my almost 50 years of watching magic! I have never seen a more powerful coin routine!” Joe Stevens

YOU must see the video performance even IF you don’t buy it! How good is it? It fooled Penn & Teller on TV!

Note:  You will need four non-gimmicked Morgan Dollars (in addition to what is provided here), which are NOT included with this product at this price.  If you don’t already own some you can purchase them from a variety of coin dealers.

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1 review for Cylinder & Coins – John Ramsey


    This is possibly the greatest EFFECT ON YOUR AUDIENCE with a coin trick of all time. I have used it for years. To be honest, I carry a tube with me everywhere. When I want to perform this I take out the tube to get a PILL out, like aspirin or tums. Just put a cap on both sides of the tube, then the cork, then COTTON like a pill tube. IF you can’t find a fitting medicine cap, use cloth held over the top and bottom with rubber bands. This justifies the effect later on. Just leave your pill tube on the table and come back to it. The video here explains how this trick looks and you have to admit, it is relatively easy to do and plays really big and strong. Kudos to Stevens for making this available again! It’s just a 10 out of 10!

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