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Comes with an incredible alternative routine using Flash Paper which is included

Demon Eye – Eye miniatures are believed to have originated when the Prince of Wales (later George IV) felt the need to send the widow Maria Fitzherbert a token of his love. This gesture and the romance that went with it was frowned upon by the court, so a miniaturist was employed to paint only the eye and thereby preserve anonymity and decorum. The couple went through a form of marriage on 15 December 1785, though all present knew the marriage was invalid by the Royal Marriages Act, since George III had not approved. Reportedly Maria’s eye miniature was worn by George IV, hidden under his lapel. This is regarded as the event which led to lovers’ eyes becoming fashionable, appearing between 1790 and the 1820’s in the courts and affluent families of England, Russia, France and more rarely, America.

What is the line between love and hate? Good and evil? In the 1800’s a young lady had a painting of her eye sent to the man that would be her betrothed, only to be scorned in return! She worked extra hours every day, seven days straight to earn the two pounds (nearly £270 today) she needed to have it made. It is said that she prayed to God first. When that didn’t work, wrath consumed her as she sought the Devil’s help! She spoke aloud “In nomine magni dei nostri Satanas, introibo ad altare Domini Inferi!”

Her former suitor heard strange whispers from his drawer. He peeked inside and saw the miniature. He lifted the now cursed item in his hand watched in horror as it seemed to blink and shown red! He screamed and went mad! The names have been lost to history, but the legend continues! All we know is she had beautiful green eyes. Carried from family to family, collector to collector. It now revenged upon the wronged! “What color is the eye painted on the pendant?”

Have the volunteer hold the pendant in their hand after explaining the story. Tell them to think of someone that wronged them in the past. A former lover. Tell them to close their hand, or, clasp both hands together, and concentrate on the person that wronged them.

“Concentrate,” you say, focus and visualize your victim, I mean, that person that wronged you!  Now… Open your hand… “What color is the eye now? RED?? I told you the story! Did you not realize what would happen? I hope you can live with the guilt of what you have done…”  

Comes with both downloaded instructional which is available to you post purchase but don’t worry Stevens Magic has you back, we also provide color printed instructions. As stated above an alternative routine that is a brilliant combination of downright spooky and perfect which requires Flash Paper, which is NOT included with this item.  But Flash Paper is available at Stevens Magic. 

I love Vince Wilson – he is the unapologetic Bizarre Magick King!  – Mark Stevens 

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