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The Daredevil Deck seems to be an innocent Phoenix Deck, but it is marked in a devious way! You will not believe it! It is THAT bold! A marked deck that you can read blindfolded, with markings 350% bigger than the Phoenix Marked Decks and 700% bigger than the Ultimate Marked Deck!

Perfect for Parlour, Stage and Video Performances. And for all magicians with bad eyesight, who cannot use a Marked Deck any longer. The included DVD teaches Henry’s Killer Routine, using the Daredevil Deck!

Daredevil Deck - Henry Evans

“How much to keep this a secret? Please send me enough bricks to build a house.” Charlie Frye

“That REALLY Blew My Mind! Most Amazing Marked Deck I’ve EVER seen!” – Doc Eason

“Even though I designed it, I could not believe that this marking would stay unnoticed. And now, at every convention where I let magicians handle the deck, Henry proves me wrong. His idea is brilliant and he knows exactly how far he can go!” – Card-Shark

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2 reviews for Daredevil Deck – Henry Evans

  1. Bernard Syms

    The marking is really huge. So big that I was afraid to present it to a real audience. Once we know the marking, we see only the marking. I wear glasses, yet I see marking without my glasses. As strange as it seems, until now no one has found the marking, unless my 10 year old daughter Lara. This may be normal because she knows a lot of tricks, and she’s not a classic spectator.
    I highly recommend this Daredevil Deck.

  2. robhiggins (verified owner)

    This is a GREAT trick. I received it Wednesday afternoon, and I performed a very simple version of Henry Evans routine for our magic club that evening. I was the star of the performances. I got the biggest applause, the most laughs and fooled almost everyone too. Thanks for the FUN!.

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