Darwin’s 101 Plus Death Jokes – Gary Darwin (Book)


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Okay, we all got to go someday… The Buddhist seem to have the best attitude towards death (in my personal experience) as they accept it as a natural order… Gary Darwin has gone beyond “enlightenment” to accept it as “comedy.”

When I first heard about this book I was at first reluctant to carry it – but after getting a copy I realized the humor is harmless and fun. And there is a lot of it in this little book.

“My brother-in-law just got a new job with more then 2,000 people under him… He’s a security guard at a cemetery.”

“Undertakers are the last people to let you down.”

Or my personal favorite:

“You can die old at forty or young at 101.”

This booklet is chockfull of zingers that not only will have you laughing out loud but using them in your act – so it’s a double zinger providing entertainment as well as content too…


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