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Signed by Gary to Joe Stevens. Softback. Good Condition

13 History Of The Thumb Tip
14 Pointers On Using Your Thumb Tip
20 Test Of Nerves
23 Messy Mystery
24 Restored Sugar Packet
26 Magic Sands By Dixie Dooley
28 Looy’s Magic Salts By Looy Simonoff
29 Dis-Tilled Water
30 Thumb Tip Team Work
32 Paper Over The Head
34 Poor Man’s Pea Trick
35 Poor Man’s Rice Bowl
36 Zombie Card
38 New Cut & Restored String
40 Disappearing Knot
43 Fly Catcher
44 Firefly
46 Paper Into Beetle
48 Goldfish Creation (Siegfried & Roy)
50 Breath Of A Beetle
51 Metamorphosis Beetle
52 Prediction Envelope
55 Sponge To Sausage
56 Multi-Sponge Ball Production
58 Flight Of The Sponge Ball
61 Hanky In The Pocket
62 Silk Into Newspaper
64 Color Changing Silks (Fielding West)
67 Silk Change
70 Dancing Hanky
73 Think A Drink
76 Think A Colored Silk
77 Simple Restored Cigarette
78 Under Test Conditions
81 Cigarette Through The Head
84 Get Acquainted
85 Making Change (Bob Fenton)
86 Torn And Restored Dollar
88 Reincarnated Dollar
91 One Hand Restoration
92 Bill Switch (Paul Gertner)
93 Thimbles
94 That’s Incredible
96 Linking Paper Clips (Bob Fenton)
97 Thumb Tip Photography (Richard Rasmussen)
98 Sharpest Magician In Town
100 Needles From The Mouth (Edward Wharton)
102 Passe Salt (Siegfried & Roy)
104 Old Classic #1 Vanishing Cigarette
106 Old Classic #2 Cut & Restored Hanky
108 Old Classic #3 Classic Salt
110 Old Classic #4 Vanishing Silk
112 A Few Ideas
121 Darwin The Magic Man Of Las Vegas
124 Additional Reading Material

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