DARYL 4 Bundle Set – Encyclopedia of Card Sleights #5 #7 #8 & Ambitious Card – DVD

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Encyclopedia of Card Sleights #5 #7 #8 & Ambitious Card – DVD is another BUNDLE of informative DVD’s being made on a first come – first serve bases at dramatically reduced prices. Daryl is missed.  Despite his talent he was always humble and easily approachable.  I remember the last time I spent time with him which was at the Des Moines Magic convention. He was lecturing but his booth was next to mine and I kept being impressed by the fact he was such an approachable, regular guy.  Daryl along with other icon’s of the 80’s like Michael Ammar was deservingly one of the few faces to the art of Magic in the 80’s and 90’s and of course beyond.

This Bundle features 3 DVD’s from his historic card slieght library.  And also comes with his famous Ambitious Card routine.  We miss you Daryl! He was without doubt one on a short list of magical artist that made significant contributions to the art of magic.



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