On Screen & Other Mysteries (Acer) (DVD)

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Turn your next house party into a sci-fi spectacle! Imagine you have a few people at our home for a party, when suddenly someone asks you to do a trick. You shrug, pull out a deck, get him to choose a card, then lose it in the pack, whereupon you turn on your TV and click through some channels until you find on you like – lets say it’s a scene with a busy sidewalk. You step back, and then spring the deck against the TV screen. When all the cards have fluttered to the floor, one card is seen to be sticking (back outward) to the screen! Or is it? Fro a man walking by IN THE TV SHOW suddenly stops, looking straight into the camera. He furrows his brow, walks up to the screen, then PULLS OFF THE CARD, yanking it instantly into TV land! He looks at it on both sides, showing that it is indeed the spectator’s selection, and then he shrugs and continues walking off screen, leaving you and your guests with something new to talk about. ON SCREEN is an easy, mind-blowing showpiece that will turn your next party into a sci-fi spectacle! Plus, learn 21 more sleights and routines from the minds of David Acer and his friends, shot on tour through Europe and Canada, AND see hilarious TV clips form magic shows, comedy shows and talk shows! Special guest appearances by Jay Sankey, Richard Sanders, Rick Bronson, Alain Choquette, David Kaye, Barry Julien, Patrik Kuffs, Stephane Bourgoin, Isabelle Gaumont, Michel Huot, Mike Paterson, Jimmy Carlo and Romaine!

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