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The popularity of books that feature the stories and journeys of the celebrities in magic are more popular then ever.   David is responsible for changing the landscape of magic and we have been fortunate to get to know him personally over the years.  The supplemental photos below were taken from Stevens Magic Archives for promotional reasons and are not included in the book. Highly recommended reading – Joe Stevens

David Copperfield is arguably the most famous magician in the world as for decades he has dominated the world magic stage through his many widely seen TV specials, featuring some of the most staggering and memorable illusions of all time, and through his constant touring with his live stage show. In this book, author Benoit Grenier takes a close look at Copperfield, both the man and master magician, and gives a candid view of what it is that makes David Copperfield such a long standing success.

Although none of David’s illusion secrets are revealed, the reader is nevertheless taken behind the scenes and is afforded a unique perspective and insight into the life of this magic superstar. Benoit traces the path Copperfield has taken from his childhood right through to his modern day iconic standing in the world of entertainment, and it makes for a fascinating and enlightening read. If you have ever wondered what it must be like to be the most recognised magician on the planet, this book will tell you and it goes a long way to explaining the Magic Life that David Copperfield enjoys.

Pages: 142 – Softbound – Postpaid in the US.

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