David Williamson Mind Shattering Bundle DVD

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SAVE $72 On Williamson Bundle.

DVD ONE: David Williamson Raccoon Lecture by International Magic DVD: David presents 30 minutes of his sheer Brilliance. Performing and explaining Five of his pet effects. Included is a lovely version of the “Three Card Repeat” routined for the children’s entertainer. Finally he presents his own raccoon routine and explanation including all the extra moves you would only dream about. What Donald Bevan wrote: “High spot of the day belonged to David Williamson with some clever routines. David performed for 30 minutes. ‘Tore the place apart with a devastating routine with one of those raccoons, tremendous! Running Time Approximately 30min.  Reg. Price $27.00 each.

DVD TWO: Magic Farm DVD: contains more of the magic that has made Dave one of the most sought after magicians in the world! You’ll see Dave perform powerful new audience-tested routines like Liar’s Poker, a devilishly clever gambling routine, and Funner Color Stunner, Dave’s wicked Color Changing Deck routine. Dave also reveals some of his favorite uses of his Striking Vanish! Each of the seven fabulous routine is performed before a live audience and then thoughtfully thoroughly and entertainingly explained. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have learning magic!  Reg. Price: $35.00

DVD THREE: Sleight of Dave -David Williamson DVD: David Williamson’s Sleight of Dave contains award winning routines that have become modern close-up classics and have found their way into the repertoires of some of the top professional magicians around the world.  Reg. Price: $35.00

Included on this DVD are: Spectator Cuts the Kings: Dave’s easy method to have them cut four of a kind *  Talking Coins: another dimension in coin productions and vanishes – Torn & Restored Transpo: a masterpiece of misdirection – Famous Three Card Trick: Mr. Victor, meet Mr. Elmsley – Cups & Balls: Dave’s award-winning two cup version – Rocky: Dave manipulates a dead animal – Bonus Footage: Dave on the loose in Portugal!

DVD FOUR: Dave 2 David Williamson DVD continues where Sleight of Dave left off, with more of the award winning magic of David Williamson. Reg. Price: $35.00

Included on this DVD are: Dave’s Spoon Routine: a great table side opener – Saline Solution: A vanish and reappearance of a quantity of salt – Whirly Bird Silk Vanish: A novel vanish using a magic wand – Ring & Rope: A staple of Dave’s act for many years – 51 Cards to Pocket: an easy, hilarious stand up card routine – Pencil Through Quarter: Dave’s handling of Michael Ammar’s terrific routine – Easy Aces: Dave’s take on a classic method of a classic plot – Floating Matrix: who needs another coin assembly? You do! – Bonus Footage: Just when you thought there wasn’t anymore – Guess What?  Dave still has some EXTRA previously unreleased original specially archived footage from Portugal!

But WAIT! There’s EVEN MORE!  If you act soon!  Stevens Magic will EVEN Open up each of the FOUR DVD Cases just long enough and then CLOSE THEM really, really fast so we can actually TRAP REAL Kansas Pure Air inside those cases!  This with your incredibly priced Dave Willamson Bundle Kit!  As many will affirm, the Kansas Pure Air is worth the price alone! Please contact us if you want the MAXIMUM amount of Kansas Pure Air in your DVD Case, but understand we will have to remove the DVD’s from each case “if” you wish to UPGRADE to Max Kansas Air!  A small service fee will apply.  Stevens Magic reserves the right to choose Kansas Premium Air regardless of the state of weather at time of infusion.


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