Dead Man Awaking – Haunted Deck


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As we all know there have been many kinds of routines incorporating the “haunted deck,” in which a deck cuts itself (as if it is haunted or a being controlled by a spirit or ghost), and in the end reveals a spectator’s chosen card.  My earliest memory of this effect credits Finn Jon, from the Ken Brooke magic range. Most of these (not all) are executed using thread.  Some higher end models utilize electronics. Of course, regardless of the methodology the result is always “awe inspiring.”  I wanted to find a way to achieve this incredible classic using a different method.  Dead Man Awaking is my attempt to do just that. I think it is a beautiful optional way to achieve this effect, not only with regards to the movement but the set up and procedure.

This package comes with the special gimmicks, and detailed printed instructions featuring 14 photo, step-by-step illustrations. No worries about having to find a computer – when you get the package, it contains everything you need except you must provide your own card deck.  In my experience, the trend to on-line instructions which will probably become the standard isn’t the answer.  If one wants to provide this that is fine, but it should be in addition to at least basic adequate instructions contained within the product.

Note: You provide your own card deck.

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