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“Can’t you hear me knockin?”  (Isn’t that the lyrics to a song – great song in fact! – who sang it?) Okay, so it doesn’t do much – but what would you expect from a door knob?  This is the perfect “worth it’s weight” prop for the bizarre performer.  What better way to illustrate the message that comes from – the beyond?  One for YES and twice for NO!  Do a force and have the reveal come from the Death Comes Knocking door knob.

How many times was the gun that kill Johan fired that night? The spectator has a sealed envelope or card and first before we open the prediction “Death Comes Knocking” will reveal the answer to that question.  The door knob wraps 1, 2…..3, 4 … and then 5 – afterward all is quite.  Five it is – the performs cues the spectator to open the envelope and inside is a piece of paper with the number “5” written on it.   Sample suggestion of routine only, it does not come with it the products.

  • Self Contained Remote knocker.
  • High Quality
  • Perfect for Halloween Shows or Seances.
  • This piece is really well made.  Heavy duty materials.

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